Paws for thought...

This will come as no surprise to my feline co-blogger Muhammad, but it seems that cats can do a better job than humans. As has been widely reported, including on the BBC and in The Times, the fortunes of a loss-making Japanese rail company have been turned around thanks to the efforts of a tortoiseshell and white cat named Tama. Tama sits by the entrance of Kishi station in western Japan, posing for photos for the tourists in a railway uniform cap. This has been so good for business that she has been promoted to station manager. It makes you wonder how many positions in this country would be better filled by one of our feline friends. I can think of quite a few, starting at the top...


  1. My Dear Muhammad,

    Have you not considered becoming a feline supermodel yourself, thereby putting your natural tendencies toward excessive vanity, self admiration and desire for habiditual praise to good use?

    No, wait a minute - if you want to do that you really should become a lawyer........( the pay sucks on occasion, particularly if you work for the Prawn Sacrifical Service, but opportunities for the most profound flattery to be offered by clients and acquaintances is ENDLESS)

  2. Dearest Law Minx,

    Becoming a feline supermodel? I AM a feline supermodel!

    I have considered the judiciary - my ability to look down my nose at humans would make me eminently qualified...

  3. My Dear Muhammad,

    (* immediately adopts a posture of extreme grovelling*)

    I do most humbly beg your pardon - how utterly FOOLISH of me to realise that you are but one step away from deity, (as my own cat Rosie recently reminded me when stropping her claws against the leg of my my new desk) and I, industrial PEASANT that I am, have absolutely no right to question my betters!!
    Have you considered application for the post of LCJ, by any chance??!

    (*retires from feline presence constantly bowing and leaving small offering of impossibly expensive handmade treats in wake*)

  4. 'Lord Chief Justice Muhammad'... yes, that has a certain ring about it.


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