Sunshine in, music out

Unrepentant after being severely criticised by Lord Justice Wall last week for his conduct while acting as a McKenzie Friend, Liberal Democrat MP John Hemming is pursuing his campaign to reform the family justice system by releasing a single Bring The Sunshine In, calling for more openness in the family courts. Warning: I've listened to a clip from the song, and Perry Como he ain't. Proceeds from the sale of the song (who exactly is going to buy it?) will go to the Angela Cannings Foundation.

[Thanks to Family Law NewsWatch for this story.]


  1. For your information,My Cat, upon hearing this tune - if it can be so called - just tried to commit suicide.
    Fortunately, I managed to persuade her that such a Euterpean Mangling would mean that her own musical efforts at 3 o'clock in the morning would be far better recieved ( by almost a whole mile, in fact) by the neighbours......

  2. Hmm, not sure that was a good idea - hope you have understanding neighbours...

  3. Hm.... Whilst I am in no doubt that my neighbours prefer, and would indeed openly tolerate, Miss Rosie's prolonged caterwauling (particularly at this time of year given her almost chavtastic attempts to fall "with egg" as they say) when set against the painfully flat and toneless monologue delivered by Mr John Hemming no matter how noble his quest may be....!


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