Friday, May 30, 2008

Tweeting (or not...)

I've allowed myself to be persuaded by Nick Holmes of Binary Law to set up an account on Twitter. Never having used a social networking service before, I've no idea what I'm doing, or whether it will be useful and/or interesting. Still, there's only one way to find out...

Update: Geeklawyer has made the brilliant suggestion that I post my Twitter ID so that people can follow me, so here it is: johnbolch (bet you couldn't have guessed that!). Just don't expect to find anything profound...


  1. I don't actually see the point of twitter, to be honest, and though I dont actually see the point of facebook EITHER, I would urge you to join the latter application so we, the members of the UK blogging community can bombard you with all manner of strange requests for hugs superpokes games of risk and scrabble and a million other nonsensical virtual actions too rediculous even to speak of, as well as introducing you to a vertiable slew of complete strangers who want to be your 'Friend'.......

  2. Erm... thanks, but maybe not.

  3. @lawminx This not seeing the point is commonly cited as a reason for not trying things out. I always have my reservations with these flavour of the month things, but sooner or later I try them out and, if not pleasantly surprised, at least I get to see the point by doing so. I may not like the point, but I give it a go. Try Twitter out. I'm not saying it's the bee's knees, must-do, can't live without it sort of thing, but it could be useful and you'll certainly learn something.

  4. Hm - Good Point, Nick, I will give it a try and see what happens!

  5. probably useful to post your Twitter ID so we can follow you!!

  6. ...that all depends upon whether I want them to! Oh, OK - I suppose that is the whole point...

  7. I'll give it a go - but... I think I'll probably stick to writing and blogging.

    I saw one twitterer who is following 82,500 blogs - I only know this because, for some bizarre reason, he has decided he wants to follow mine.

  8. Well, he's obviously got too much time on his hands...

  9. Actually, I've just noticed I can beat that. I have a follower who is following 120,000!

  10. ...perhaps it's some kind of sad competition.


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