A visitor drops in

Last week's diary:

Tuesday: Back to work, grateful that the bank holiday weekend is over. A quiet day, although a secretary who works in our basement did think she heard an animal moving inside the blocked chimney in her room.

Wednesday: Appeared in the Magistrates' Court - a rare occurrence for me since I stopped doing legal aid work. Likely to occur more frequently though, with the County Court easing its list by transferring matters to the Magistrates' Court, as happened in this case. Got back from court and the secretary reported that she could still hear something moving in the chimney, so I helped to open it up. No sign of life inside.

Thursday: Had a presentation from a company that produces videos for clients to watch while waiting in reception - you know, like you get at post offices and banks. Will do wonders for business, apparently. We shall see whether the firm is convinced. Still no sign of life inside the chimney, although the secretary swears she can hear a bird in there.

Friday: Another quiet day. The secretary still hears sounds from the chimney, and a colleague opens it up. Nip outside for a fag at lunchtime. Hear someone trying to open a window. Look round to see who it is - a pigeon! A bit sooty, but none the worse for falling down a 50-foot chimney, and even for spending three days in a solicitors' office. Thankfully, now flown away, and hopefully won't be back to sue the firm for false imprisonment, or in this case, 'doing bird'.


  1. Thank heavens Muhammed didnt accompany you to the office, otherwise the poor bird would most certainly have ended up as pie material.......

  2. The answer is, of course, that it was overkill.

  3. Law Minx: Yes, Muhammad did take a particular interest in this story.

    Anonymous: ? Was this comment meant for my previous post?

  4. My comment was meant for the previous post - a response to LawMinx. Not sure why it ended up here!

  5. Android: Yes, I felt sorry for the pigeon - being stuck in a solicitors' office for three days is not my idea of fun!


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