Stop distorting young minds!

I've just come across this article, by AC Grayling in the Guardian, via In it he describes how "the British government is handing over large tracts of the school education system, along with tens of millions of our tax money, to groups of Anousics". Anousics, he explains, are:

"...people who variously believe in ghosts and alien visitations, in the dead coming to life, in magical occurrences, in forms of cannibalism, in obsessive rituals and incantations, in strange psychological observances and sexual perversions, in weird ancient myths, which they regard as true accounts of the origin and nature of the world, and in personified forms of evil and malevolence; who traditionally employ and always threaten torture and execution for those who do not accept their theories, who to gain their ends sometimes engage in war, massacre and murder, and at other times use bribery, brainwashing, and techniques of preying on the poor, sick, depressed and traumatised." other words, Anousics are the religious, specifically the Church of England, the Baptists, the United Learning Trust, Muslim, Jewish and other religious organisations. As Grayling says:

"If the government were handing schools and money to astrologers, witch doctors, Scientologists, the Manson cult, and the like, to educate our children, we would be concerned, would we not? Yet the grounds of belief, the beliefs themselves, and the level of rationality of these groups do not differ one jot from any of the so-called "major religions" to whom the government is handing over schools and money like candy."

Grayling says that 25% of England's secondary schools and an even higher proportion of primary schools are run by Anousics, and these figures are rising fast, with the full support of the Government. This insidious indoctrination of our children must be opposed by people of reason everywhere: all education should be secular.


  1. If the brush is broad enough and the paint is applied liberally, everyone gets splattered. It would be rather a change of genre if I were to attempt to comment from a Christian perspective using reason, facts or restraint. So I won't bother.
    John, what body part am I this time?

  2. No, you're right. Religion and reason certainly don't mix.

    You're not a body part, you're an Anousic. :-)

  3. Can't say I'm impressed by Grayling's creed either, let alone his reason. No wonder he has to clothe it in a fantasy swear word.

    (I note that I am in good company - Prof Geras of Manchester University probably does not share my Christian views and he agrees with Grayling on school funding, but he is shocked by the level of logic in Grayling's article).

  4. Faith schools offer good value, good education and are popular. The knee jerk reaction must be to close them then!

    I would recommend you read the paper by Christina Odone published by the Centre For Policy Studies:

    As for Grayling - I agree he is unreadable and entirely predictable. A bore.

    kind regards.

  5. And another thing...

    "This insidious indoctrination of our children must be opposed by people of reason everywhere: all education should be secular."

    As a parent it is my responsibility to educate my children - the home is as important as the school. Do you seriously think that "education" only takes place at school? Do you want to make home education "secular" as well? Or are you mixing up education with its more fashionable counterpart, "training"?

    You may believe your view to be modern and liberal but I don't see it that way.



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