Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Dirty Duchess

I wasn't old enough (just) to hear of this great story the first time around. Argyll v Argyll, "the divorce that shocked Scotland", took place fifty years ago and involved the Duke of Argyll, who took four years to obtain a divorce from his "infamous nymphomaniac third wife and Duchess of Argyll". In the course of the proceedings, the Duke listed 88 men with whom he claimed she had affairs, including Hollywood stars, three members of the Royal Family and two Government ministers. "Pictures of her having sex while wearing nothing except her trademark triple strand of pearls were produced in court along with her lurid diaries." Brilliant stuff - makes some of today's celebrity divorces seem pretty tame.


  1. Who said Divorce Proceedings were boring?!?!? Was the Duchess similarly allowed to smear her ex in court with tales of his nefarious activities, or was this not the done thing??

  2. I don't know that she had anything with which to smear him - it would take something to top his allegations!

  3. Not that I am old enough to have heard the story
    at the time either but there was an earlier Argyll v Argyll relating, I think, to to the Duke's son from an earlier marriage and the Duchess' stepmother.

    The Duchess might well have smeared the Duke, she sought an injunction to prevent the publication of newspaper articles by the Duke and his marital conduct was attacked by the Judge. Unfortunately I can't remember the detail, although the judgment was quite important in those days.

  4. Thanks. They sound like quite a family.


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