If you want a divorce (or are involved in a divorce) but you are neither eligible for legal aid nor able to afford to instruct a solicitor, what do you do? You are left with little choice other than to represent yourself. I have therefore written an eBook to assist the increasing number of people who have to go through divorce proceedings without legal assistance. The book comprises 197 pages and includes the following:
  • A guide to divorce proceedings, including completing all the required forms.
  • A chapter on sorting out arrangements for children.
  • Details of child support maintenance.
  • A chapter on sorting out financial/property arrangements, whether by agreement or through the court.
  • Chapters on domestic violence, costs and mediation.
  • Specimen forms.
  • Useful addresses and websites.
  • A detailed glossary of legal terms.
  • Updated to December 2008.
Why do your own divorce?
To save money! Even if the divorce is completely straightforward, and there are no arrangements for children and finances to sort out, a solicitor will typically charge between £500 and £1000 to deal with the divorce for you, not including court fees. If there are arrangements for children or finances to sort out, then the solicitor's fees are likely to be many times that sum. Even if you cannot deal with everything yourself, dealing with one aspect (say, the divorce itself) without a solicitor will result in you making considerable savings in legal costs. Even if you are instructing a solicitor, this book will keep you better informed, and can save you money - buying the book and using it to find answers to common questions can cost less than a phone call to your solicitor.

"Readable, informative, clear and, most important - practical." - Charon QC.

[Note that the digital version of the book is no longer available. The book is now available in hard copy - see here for details.]


  1. For those of us who try to maintain a digital library, is it possible to purchase in .pdf form please ?

  2. It is in PDF form. Sorry, perhaps I should have made that clear.

  3. Thanks, probably my mistake. I had interpreted ebook as being readable online rather than downloadable.

  4. Excellent idea, John, and knowing both your writing and your practical approach, I sure the book is equally fab. Best of luck with it.

    Pity Tessa has done such a good job in producing the housing equivalent or I'd be nicking your idea.

  5. Thanks, NL. Yes, pity Tessa got in before you, but I'm sure you have an excellent book in you somewhere!

  6. You may be interested to know that I too have produced a guide for LIPs, written from the point of view of an LIP. It is about 390 pages, only £15.00 and available as a pdf from a well-known fathers' group. We released it in June and I am working on an update. It deals principally with the problems that develop after divorce, contact denial and abduction, for example, and is brief on divorce, so I don't think we are in competition! I wonder if you'd be interested in a swap.


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