Tuesday, August 05, 2008


As any good lawyer knows, evidence is everything. Last night, on The Genius of Charles Darwin Professor Richard Dawkins presented the evidence for evolution, and it is overwhelming: the lifeforms we observe, the fossil record and, above all, DNA. In the face of such evidence I don't understand how any person of reason, let alone a lawyer, could fail to accept that evolution is a fact, yet some still deny the obvious, clinging to their holy books as if they were life rafts, without which they would drown. Evolution tells us a far more beautiful and compelling story than any holy book, so do the human race a favour, cast those books aside and watch this series. If you missed last night's programme, you can watch it here, for seven days.


  1. I couldn't agree with you more and have long been a fan of Mr Dawkins.

    Have you read the God Delusion yet?

    This is the sort of programme that should be shown in schools as I explained to my children last night when I made them watch it with me!

  2. I certainly have read The God Delusion - see, for example, this post.

    I agree entirely. These programmes should be compulsory viewing for all children.

  3. would you agree that by making viewing of this programme 'compulsory', you are in danger of being guilty of indoctrination yourself?

  4. Not at all. There is no harm in teaching the truth.

  5. Victor Dewsbery5 August 2008 at 21:18

    Amen brother :-) :-) :-)

  6. Charles Darwin was doubtlessly a very great man, but what about Alfred Rusell Wallace? I do hate to put the cat among the pigeons (and if Dawkins mentioned Wallace at any length then do forgive me, because I didnt see the programme) but didnt Wallace mention to Darwin that he was about to publish his findings with respect to a theory of evolution which led to a pre-emptory strike by Darwin?


  7. Yes, you are right about Wallace, although Darwin had his ideas much earlier. I don't think there was any animosity - Darwin first published his ideas alongside Wallace's.

  8. John, I disagree with you. Even if you believe that you have the truth, you should never make it compulsory. This is the same error that we see in certain religious circles where one wants to impose their "truth" on everyone else. Just put your facts on the table and give people the choice to accept or refuse your "truth".

  9. John, there are a lot of things that each one of us do not know. To simply take everyone else's view and throw it out the window because you have your own view which you think is "the truth" is ridiculous. You are running exactly in the same track as those you condemn. Simply follow your truth and leave every one else a choice to agree or disagree with you.

  10. By making it compulsory, I do not intend that students should accept evolution - of course they should be allowed to decide for themselves. All I'm saying is that this is so important that children should be given the knowledge.

    As to your second comment, have you actually read my post? The point is that the evidence for evolution is OVERWHELMING. If, in the face of this, you still want to believe something else for which there is no evidence at all, then that is your right.

  11. You know, it does amuse me. Theists have never objected to religious education being compulsory, but as soon as anyone suggests that something that contradicts religion be made compulsory, they are up in arms.


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