Friday, August 15, 2008

Holy Traffic Jam

I see that a protester dressed as Batman and believed to be from fathers' rights group Fathers 4 Justice is on a gantry on the M25 near Heathrow, bringing traffic to a halt. His banner reads: "Don't turn a blind eye to secret family courts". He says that he intends to remain there all day. He's certainly achieving publicity for his cause, but I doubt that he's making many friends among motorists, many of whom are trying to get to the airport to go on holiday.


  1. Aren't F4J terribly close to becoming a proscribed group under terrorism legislation, if they arent there already?

  2. I wouldn't know about that, but I'm not sure they are doing themselves any favours with this kind of protest.

  3. If anything they have just highlighted the failings of the system and made everyone aware of what you can get away with should you choose to frustrate contact.

  4. In my experience, it is actually quite rare for a parent to get away with it. Having said that, I wish that the Government would get its finger out and implement the provisions of the Children & Adoption Act 2006 - at least that would give the courts more options to enforce orders.

  5. I wish I could say the same. In my experience we all go round and round in circles until dad runs out of money or gives up!

    You're right a government with a back bone is what we need

  6. I wonder what manner of protest would, in your view, John, do us favours. I also wonder why you think doing ourselves favours is what we should be doing. As made clear in interviews yesterday, this was not a planned protest, but the general idea is to generate publicity which then 'buys' space in the media to promote and explain our campaign. In that respect, yesterday's action was very successful.

    Agreed on 2006 Act, though I don't see it as a panacea.

  7. Don't you ever worry that the public may consider the protesters to be nothing more than an irrelevant bunch of loonies?

  8. Curiously, no. Should I?

    I suppose it's a point of view. Bear in mind that I know these chaps and they are just ordinary dads who want to see their kids, there's nothing loonie about that. They don't know how else to make people understand. As you know, most have contact orders which are ignored and not enforced; some are quite desperate.

    Generally we have pretty good public support, largely, I think, because we ARE the public.

  9. im all for F4J, for those who say they are loons and no wonder the mother (usually) doesnt let dad see kids, ask yourself why they do it. its out of desperation and love for their kids in the first place, one person cannot make a child it takes two, a mum and dad, why the laws in England are intent in being instrumental in the abuse of kids is beyond me, and yes i say abuse as to deny a child of its rights (a right to both parents) is in effect abuse of that child and the courts are doing it all the time.

  10. Please don't forget that children's 'rights' to have access to both parents become null and void when there is a parent who is not willing to take an active role in their childrens lives.

    There are plenty of mothers out there who would actually like a break now and again. Women (and it is usually women) who go out of their way to facilitate and promote contact but are met by a dad who quite simply cannot be bothered.

    The frustration works both ways, but to date I have not noticed Wonder Woman hanging off a motorway sign.


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