Friday, August 01, 2008

July Post of the Month

Well, it's been a bumper month for blog posts. Within hours of the start of July, Geeklawyer posted his iconoclastic Blawg Review #166, and throughout the month Charon QC has continued his wonderful (and scarily realistic) West London Man series, but I thought that, for the first time, I would give the coveted award to a family law blog. Jacqui Gilliatt at Bloody Relations hadn't posted since May, and I feared that her blog had fallen by the wayside like so many others, but she assures us she is back, and to prove it she has posted Gone, gone gone gone. Under the label 'positivity', the post lists some of the heroes that she has come across in her work, and should act as a clarion call for beleaguered members of the family justice system everywhere. Excellent stuff.

So, what prize should Jacqui receive? Well, at the end of a long day in court dealing with a public law matter, I'm sure a little alcohol wouldn't go amiss. In case Charon won this month I took the precaution of getting in a virtual case of Rioja, so that is now winging its way through the cloud to Jacqui G.


  1. John - Thank you for the mention. As a proud recipient of your Post of the Month Award _ I am delighted to see that you are still dishing them out - long may this continue.

    Although not, as you know, even vaguely knowledgeable on Family issues - enjoyed the JacquiG post.

  2. Forgot to say thanks for this! But would rather have the real thing. Will try to get down to share some with you someday. I too was unable to get to last night's conference!



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