Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Pensions and Divorce Handbook

Today I received from Resolution a copy of Pensions and Divorce - The Role of the Financial Advisor. I've not yet given it more than a cursory glance, but the covering letter says that the handbook has been produced by SIFA, with the support of Resolution, and is intended to help "financial advisers and family lawyers to understand each others respective roles in handling pension sharing on divorce". Anything that helps in this tricky area has my support too. Copies can be obtained from SIFA at a cost of £25 per handbook, via this page on their website.


  1. Do you think having read this http://www.goughs.info/blog/?p=110 particular post that Resolution's code of practice is worth anything at all.
    I have twenty years experience of quality systems and complaints procedures in the food industry and I am quite frankly appalled that the worst one I have encountered to date, is from the legal profession, the very profession that should be setting an example

  2. I am not going to comment directly about this particular case, but I can say that enforcement of Resolution's Code of Practice is something of a moot point.

  3. Thank you for the leaving the comment in tact. I am convinced that it is maladministration and I am going to get a court to test it, had they done their job properly in June 2003, the whole house of cards for Mr Blah Blah would have fallen and I would have got him removed from the case and the outcome for my family would have been totally different.

    I am interested to see that you also are a member of the Law Society Family Panel, is that like Resolution? 5,000 members? what is it and what does it do? I am interested because once I have got Resolutions complaints procedure to function properly I am going to turn my attention to the Law Society.

  4. The Panel has been replaced by the Family Law Accreditation Scheme (see the link in my profile), run by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.


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