Friday, September 05, 2008

Child Maintenance Options

Thanks to Divorce Survivor for pointing out that the Child Maintenance Options site is now up and running. Child Maintenance Options is a service "providing impartial information and support to help both parents make an informed choice about child maintenance". It is run by the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission, and includes a maintenance calculator, a private agreement form, leaflets and guides, and a benefits table.


  1. I tried the calculator and it wouldn't even tell me what 7 x 7 =


  2. My ex and I had a Consent Order drawn up regarding Child and Spousal Maintenance when we divorced. Without going into all the details, he reneged 3 times. Since our Decree Absolute he has finally reneged upon the whole consent order, asked the CSA to calculate maintenance (Feb 07) and refused to acknowledge any part of further arrangements. Our Consent Order set out our Maintenance agreement to be index linked and that he would cover his 50% of the children's educational residential trips. I now receive £60 per week which is not RPI linked for 2 boys, the cost of living has risen and he has refused to pay the residential trip payments causing embarassment for me as I can only manage to cover my 50% from my salary. I am now left covering everything (supposedly affordable from his paltry £60 contribution).
    Can I insist we revist our agreement and complete a "Private Agreement Form" from the new Child Maintenance Options, or is that not legally binding, and therefore my only option of getting realistic maintenance for the children over the next 8 - 10 years is to take him to court to remind him he is breaking our original Consent Order?
    He will no doubt receive an annual salary increase which is cost of living linked, but his children won't see the benefit of that!
    He has moved away from the area, so leaves me the embarrassment of dealing with the schools direct.

  3. I'm sorry, but I can't give legal advice via this blog. You really do need to consult a solicitor. If you want legal aid, go to a legal aid lawyer (see my advice page), otherwise most solicitors offer initial advice for free, or for a fixed fee.

  4. hi john, after being on incapacity benefit (my hubby) is starting to feel better (he has depression due to not seeing his kids, he was the main care giver when they were together, she refuses to let him see them ect,for over 3 years now, she has since moved no forwarding address, anyway counsellor has advised him to move on in life without the kids, (sad i know but thats how bad it is), anyway, i have just lost my job, hubby looking for work, jobs around here average wages £180 take home pay, csa want £65 a week, (£1400 arrears as when they first split he was giving her cash in hand then the old chestnut arose and she denied being given any money, lesson was learnt. anyway, csa want £65, rent here is £75 a week council tax £25 a week, csa wont budge, we will be set to lose our home, c.a.b. cant do anything,and nor the solicitor, just what is it we are supposed to do.

  5. As I said above, I'm afraid I can't give specific advice on this blog. Have you tried NACSA?


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