Saturday, September 27, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

"I think the cat next door's losing it." Said Muhammad, casually washing his paw.


"He thinks the entire veterinary system is biased against cats."

"He does? Why?" I asked.

"The vet gave him the chop, but not his brother Rover."

"That scruffy dog?"


"But that was up to their owners, not the vet."

Muhammad winced at the use of the word 'owners' - he prefers 'keepers'. "I know that, and you know that," he said, wagging his tail irritably, "but he's convinced the vet is to blame, and that all vets are the same."

"But half of a vet's patients are cats - why would they be biased against cats?"

"Search me. Logic seems to have nothing to do with it. He thinks vets don't care about cats, and just treat them for the money."

"Well, I'm sure there are a few bad vets, just as in any profession, but you can't tar them all with the same brush."

"No. Do you know what he plans to do next?" Asked Muhammad, scratching his ear.


"Set up a cats' rights group - 'Cats 4 Justice'. He intends to dress up as Top Cat and hold protests from the top of that tree in his garden. Their slogan will be: "A cat is for conception, not just for life"."

"You're right. He is losing it."


  1. Hilarious! It's better than reading the Sunday papers.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! Not sure if members of a certain (former?) fathers' rights group will though...


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