Monday, September 29, 2008

F4J: New directions

Thanks to Current Awareness for pointing out this article in The Independent, setting out the new direction(s) that Fathers 4 Justice are apparently going to take. It seems that these will include Family Line, a telephone helpline aimed at mothers and fathers, and a lobbying group called Fathers' Union, which will be 'less anarchic' than F4J, and 'will bring political pressure on the Government to change the family courts system'.

Meanwhile, it seems that the torch of anarchy will pass to New Fathers 4 Justice, which has already hit the headlines for a controversial protest against "lesbo dads". Nice to see that some things don't change.


  1. O'Connor has told anyone who will listen all sorts of various stories this last week.

    The last thing that vulnerable fathers, families and children need is another one of 'Matt's' personal self-promotion vehicles.

    Newspapers should start asking him to back up some of his outrageous claims, instead of printing everything he throws at them willy nilly.

    In one paper he said the F4J advice service currently supported 20,000 fathers a year!

    Really? Where did he get that figure from? The old F4J did not have a support telephone line and the only way that support was delivered was via the Forum for which he took £30 from each member. Most of the 'support' was then delivered via the forum from other paying members who had gone through similar experiences themselves.

    I cannot continue to allow O'Connor to deceive others and print his lies without saying something.

    This letter he wrote to the membership of that forum 6 days before the article you refer to says it all:

  2. I couldn't agree more Tim. In a large part the DEAD TREE PRESS are nearly as responsible for the current state of affairs as are the paranoid misogynistic group leading and directing F4J.
    The intellectual bloggers may well be carrying the news but HOPEFULLY they don't fall into the same trap.
    Playing to the choir is all very well, but we are after the whole truth and nothing but the truth ;-)

  3. Tim: Thanks for that.

    the odyssey: Does that mean I'm an 'intellectual blogger'? ;-)

  4. It certainly does Sir, and I am the gutter press


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