Tuesday, October 28, 2008


A couple of days ago I wrote a post that included an en passent jokey reference to stoning for adultery. Just one day later the BBC reports that a Somali woman has been stoned to death after a sharia court found her guilty of adultery. She was buried up to her neck and pelted to death by a group of men, in front of a large crowd. Utter barbarism.

UPDATE: This story gets even worse. According to this report in The New York Times, the woman was actually a rape victim. I have also found out a little more about stoning. When I originally wrote the post, I was going to end with the hope that the woman was killed instantly by the first stone. It appears, however, that the Islamic Penal Code of Iran has thought of this. Article 104 states that the stones used should “not be large enough to kill the person by one or two strikes; nor should they be so small that they could not be defined as stones (pebbles.)”.


  1. And even worse, it turns out that she was actually only 13:


    I'm so glad to live in a civilised culture when I read things like this!

  2. Wonderful. It would be nice to think that the adverse publicity that this story is getting around the world is having an effect upon the perpetrators, but I doubt it.


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