Thursday, October 02, 2008

Be careful what you ask for

In the Obiter column in this week's Gazette, there is a small piece on typing blunders. It gives the classic 'sex party application' ('ex parte application'), and one for matrimonial lawyers that I've not come across before (but am not surprised about): 'Stella contribution' which should, of course, be 'stellar contribution' (see, for example, Lambert v Lambert).

All of this reminds me of my favourite typing error from my own experience. Years ago I had a young secretary working for me who obviously had not come across the term 'allocatur', and chose to replace it with 'alligator'. Quite what she thought I wanted with an alligator was never revealed...


  1. Excellent.Liked the 'alligator' one.

  2. "Murder trial" for "mode of trial" or bizarrely "bottle of vodka" for "bundle of documents" - god knows what she was thinking of - actually that got her the sack as the boss thought she had a drink problem.

    Then of course the classic: "Your statement is full of heresy" for "hearsay". Heresy wasn't a burning issue in that case!

  3. I have come across "the diseased" when describing the physical state of the victim rather than the deceased.

  4. Paul: Love the "bottle of vodka" one - certainly preferable to a bundle of documents!

    John: Perhaps the disease caused the victim to become deceased?

  5. The best ones I've come across were 'Keeper of the Cygnet' and a report about an alcoholic with an abnormal 'lover' function.

    Once when I was in a rush I propositioned a lawyer with "I'll massage you later"

  6. :-) Now why haven't I been propositioned like that?


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