Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Probably the Best Advert in the World*

Says it all. Donate here, and spread the word of reason. Campaign by the British Humanist Association.

[*Post title unashamedly stolen from the comment of a fellow contributor to the campaign.]


  1. Yes, thanks for the free advertising.
    It's about the best conversation starter for Christians wanting to communicate their faith that I have seen for a long time!

  2. Come on Victor, you can do better than that, surely? ;-)

    In this case, 'probably' of course means 'almost certainly, i.e. an infinitesimally small chance that there is a god' - the same as the possibility of a teapot orbiting Uranus.

    Stop worrying.

  3. There's probably no Richard Dawkins :-) :-) :-)

  4. Hmm, I think there's just a little bit of evidence that Dawkins exists...

  5. Shall I BELIEVE you? What a leap of faith!

  6. Ah, but the "evidence" could be a delusion. :-) :-) :-)

    Perhaps you've met the man. Then it would be at least partly an argument from personal encounter.

    Rather like my relationship with God. Which certainly enables me to enjoy life and deal with any worries.

  7. :-) Sounds just like my relationship with the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

  8. Tell me more, if that's what brings you enjoyment and satisfaction.

  9. Seen it before, but I'm afraid I'm a natural cynic. So no go.

  10. You mean, you've not been touched by His Noodly Appendage? If you're a natural cynic, then why can't you extend your cynicism to one more delusional god?

  11. I do - I reserve a special deluxe brand of cynicism and scepticism for the passionate beliefs of proselytising atheists.

  12. You're avoiding the point again, Victor. I'm disappointed in you.

    Unfortunately, the advance of religion makes it imperative that we proselytise, in order to protect reason.

  13. Depends what you mean by "reason".

    (The terms "point", "religion", "advance", "imperative" and "protect" are also rather elastic in this context).

  14. If we're arguing over the meaning of 'reason', then we're probably beyond hope. :-)

  15. To me it sounds like a slogan developed by a committee. The word "probably" hints at agnosticism not atheism.

    The bit I find most disturbing is the "stop worrying and enjoy your life". Unfortunately there is a lot to worry about - poverty, hunger, the enviroment (the list is long). It may well be that we are not touched by these worries.But our fellow huumans are. The thought that we should put these concerns aside and concentrate on enjoying life seems to be cotradictory of what is best about "humanism".

    So not the best advertising campaign. Anyway people scarsely trust what is on the front of busses - let alone what is on the side.

  16. Hi Paul,

    Despite being an anti-theist, I do not object to the use of the word 'probably', as the non-existence of gods can probably never be proved. All we can say with certainty is that the chances of a god existing are extremely remote, as I have stated above.

    As to your point about 'worrying', I think you're taking it too literally - no one is suggesting that we stop worrying about important issues such as poverty, hunger and the environment.

  17. Dear John,

    Thanks for this. So I can take the slogan with a pinch of salt. You have set my mind at rest.


  18. You can open your mind to it, or close your mind to it. The choice is yours.

  19. Rosemary Williams15 November 2008 at 15:36

    I don't see how people can honestly believe that God doesn't exist. And I think you'll find that there are no atheists on a sinking ship.

    Also, for all those people intent on throwing Darwinism at Christians, if they knew anything at all they would know that Darwin was in fact a Christian and on the last page of his book (1st edition) he confirms this.

  20. Rosemary, I don't see how intelligent people can believe in any god, in the absence of evidence of his/her/its existence.

    Your point about the sinking ship, even if true, would not of course prove the existence of a god, only the wishful thinking of people afraid of death.

    Whether or not Darwin was a christian is immaterial - the fact is that evolution blows a gaping hole in the basic concepts of most religions.


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