Friday, October 24, 2008

Sad Story

I've posted before about the ever-increasing link between the real and virtual lives that some people lead, but it took me a few moments to get my head around this story, that appeared in The Times yesterday. How could a woman be arrested for killing her virtual husband? Well, it seems that she was upset when he abruptly demanded a divorce in the online game Maple Story, so she took her revenge by hacking into his profile and destroying the character that he had spent a year creating. She has since been arrested on suspicion of illegal access to a computer and manipulating electronic data. Amazing what sad exciting lives some people lead. Quite how you go about divorcing your virtual spouse (or, come to that, marrying them in the first place), I've no idea.


  1. John

    I sense a business opportunity here. Shall we go into partnership and set up a virtual divorce service in second life to deal with the explosion of virtual divorces that will no doubt occur?

  2. Excellent idea Mark! I'll bring in the virtual capital, if you bring in the real capital.

  3. Have you got problems with your email?


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