Wednesday, October 01, 2008

September Post of the Month

I suppose it was inevitable that the Post of the Month for September would be on the subject of the global financial crisis. I have read a number of excellent posts on this topic, notably by Charon QC (see, for example, this post), but it is Charon who I have to thank for pointing me in the direction of a blog that I have not read before, TheFatBigot Opines. "TheFatBigot is intolerant of everything that makes him angry", and his "blog is designed to allow him to vent his fury and reduce his otherwise explosive blood pressure". Sounds like a man after my own heart (not that I would ever use Family Lore to vent my fury, you understand). The particular post that I have chosen as Post of the Month for September is The Purple Peril turn to shares, commenting upon the remarkable and ironic contribution of the Church of England to the debate on the crisis. I especially enjoyed ThFatBigot's advice for the Archbishop of York: "Like so many men who spend their working lives in fancy frocks, he is best kept well away from the real world". The post also reminds us, in terms anyone can understand, of the basics of shares in general, and short-selling in particular.

This month's prize is 1000 virtual shares in Bloggins Baked Bean Company, which I recommend TheFatBigot lends to short-sellers, to his heart's (and his wallet's) delight.

Meanwhile, it's good to see that Geeklawyer is doing his bit to calm the nerves of the general populace in these troubled times.


  1. I am not worthy, but I accept anyway with all due humility; and no one is more humile than what I is.

  2. Excellent. I do like a humile winner.


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