Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Week in View 18th October 2008

Posts referred to:

Whitehouse-Piper v Stokes: Nothing new

Madonna/Ritchie: The legal issues

Drink problems (Bloody Relations)

The turf is always greener (Pink Tape)


  1. Great idea John, hope you keep these going.

    Bring back the shades next time though B-)

  2. Thanks. We'll see...

    OK, shades next time!

  3. Congratulations on this step forward for legal blogging.

    Have thought of using Camtasia or something like that so as to create video content beyond the speech into camera?

    I keep meaning to try to do this. Your example of getting something posted will hopefully give me the motivation I need. Please do keep them coming.

  4. I have thought about adding content. I'll give Camtasia a look. Thanks.

  5. Brilliant idea John, hope you find the time to do it regularly - you've certainly given me a kick up the proverbial to further my own ideas!

  6. Thanks. As always, time is the problem...


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