Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Week in View 25th October 2008

Sir Mark Speaks

Conflicting out divorce lawyers – the other side was here first (Marilyn Stowe)

Death and divorce – where does the money go? (Marilyn Stowe)

Alcohol misuse treatment & support (Bloody Relations)

AN ECONOMIC DOWNTURN (Judith's Divorce Blog)

PETROL PRICE (Judith's Divorce Blog)

better off without ‘em? (Pink Tape)

Oligarchy… and other matters…. (Charon QC)

I oligarch… do you?….. (Charon QC)

Don’t mess with a Rothschild…. (Charon QC)

The English Gentleman…. (Charon QC)

Wigs? What?! (Geeklawyer)


  1. Great to see the new Video blogs. Keep them coming..

  2. Thanks. Glad you like them. I'll try to keep them going, if time permits.


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