Friday, November 14, 2008


Let me tell you the tale of Dave Barmy. Dave was an old romantic at heart, albeit not one who liked to stray far from his PC to find love. And that's just what he did, meeting his first love in an internet chat room, going on to marry her, both in reality and in 'virtuality'. But Dave was not satisfied with this, so he returned to his Second Life (looking just slightly different from how he looked in reality), where he found his second love. Unfortunately for him, his attempts to conceal this from his wife failed, and now poor Dave finds himself divorced.


  1. I dont think that this is the first time this has happened in Second Life - wasn't there a programme on the telly about it recently about people who had met through the programme and who's real lives were turned completely upside down by their adventures there?
    Dont Clifford Chance ( or some such internationally renowned law firm) have an OFFICE there?!?!
    This is all too WEIRD for me, I must say!!

  2. Yes, all very odd. I think the firm is Field Fisher Waterhouse, although there may now be others.

  3. yeah i thought the story was pretty funny too - Dave Pollard AKA Dave barmy


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