Friday, November 21, 2008

Madonna/Ecclestone: Good News and Bad

I suspect that the media disappointment that we will apparently not be treated to another Macca/Mucca circus in the Madonna/Ritchie divorce (thanks to Jailhouselawyer for the original heads-up) may have been alleviated somewhat by the news that Formula 1 boss Bernie Ecclestone is to divorce, in what could be the biggest settlement in legal history.

If it is true that Madonna and Ritchie have agreed arrangements for their children and a financial/property settlement then I am genuinely pleased - this is obviously good news for them and for their children, even if not quite such good news for their lawyers. If Ritchie has agreed to make no claim against Madonna's estimated £300 million fortune, then this would appear to be generous on his part, although it is, of course, easier to be generous when you have a £30 million fortune of your own. Their decree nisi is being pronounced in London as I write this.

Turning to the diminutive Ecclestone and his rather less diminutive wife Slavica, they are estimated to be worth some £2.4 billion, making Madonna's fortune seem like small potatoes. What is it though with this incessant slavering over whose will be the biggest divorce settlement? This isn't some hideous competition, with a prize for the winner - this involves real people with real lives. Of course, as a lawyer I am interested in whether some new point of law emerges from the case, but the size of the settlement per se is of no interest to me whatsoever.


  1. I would rather have liked a tackey guy & mduge divorce. I reckon she is a bit nuts on the quiet and it would all have come out.

    2.4 billion?! I can see why she married him. Jeez, I would for that much & I'm straight!

  2. Well, he will be available soon...


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