Saturday, November 01, 2008

October Post of the Month

Before setting out on my monthly quest around the blawgosphere this morning for the best post in October (in my, completely subjective, opinion) I checked my blog feed reader, and quickly realised that I need look no further. I have mentioned here before The Times Family Justice Campaign for greater openness (see, for example, here), led by campaigning journalist Camilla Cavendish. Well, yesterday she was at it again, in an article entitled 'First battered at home and then by the State'. Lucy Reed at Pink Tape has picked up on the article in an excellent post entitled The Unverifiable Truth, pointing out that Cavendish relies for her campaign on completely unverifiable accounts of injustice, usually coming from the, hardly unbiased, mouths of parents who have had their children removed from their care. For providing this much-needed balance to the argument of opening up family justice (with which Lucy agrees, incidentally), this wins my prize for the October Post of the Month.

And so what should be the prize? Well, Lucy became a mother a few months back, so I thought I would send her a virtual year's supply of sleeping tablets - I'm sure she could use them.


  1. ur thanks so much john...perhaps you can peruse you virtual dispensary and see what other mother's aids you have - what I'd really like right now is a magic potion that stops projectile vomiting - he might be a very little nipper but he can pebble dash at four paces at the moment...

  2. Nice. One virtual magic potion on its way...


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