Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Lady Judge Seeks to Re-open Settlement

The Times has reported the appeal of Lady Anne-Marie Judge, former wife of the Conservative "grandee" Sir Paul Judge, who is seeking to re-open her divorce settlement after seven years, claiming that the original distribution of assets from the marriage was based on a mistake, in that £14 million of the £30 million assets was discounted, as Sir Paul was thought to owe that to a charity, of which the couple were trustees. In the event, he persuaded the Charity Commissioners that he did not need to reimburse the charitable trust and so was better off by an extra £14 million. Lady Judge therefore claims that she is entitled to a further £5 million. Her application was refused by Mr Justice Coleridge, and she is now appealing to the Court of Appeal.

Looking forward to the outcome of this one, and reading the report.

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