Monday, December 01, 2008

November Post of the Month

I always appreciate a serious review of a serious book, so it was not difficult for me to make my choice for the best post last month. Scott Vine at Informationoverlord has reviewed the latest edition of that perennial lawyer's favourite, Chitty on Contracts, and his post Chitty is therefore my November Post of the Month. In these iconoclastic days it's good to see an institution such as Chitty being given the respect it so richly deserves, and Scott does not disappoint, although I'm not sure about his suggestion that you should "give the one you love Chitty for Xmas this year", as you may find yourself in need of consulting me in the New Year.

The prize of a virtual Fender Strat signed by the one-and-only Mr Todd Rundgren is as we speak winging its way to the lucky Mr Vine.

Oh, and Scott, sorry I couldn't fit the full name of your blog on the trophy - I ran out of engraving space...


  1. Hi John,

    I entirely agree with Mr Overlords sentiments with respect to Chitty, since this esteemed text has, like a knight in shining armour, saved me from many a faux pas when writing an opinion/advice on the wretched lergie that is the Bar Vocational Course.

    However, I am not entirely sure that your gift of a Strat signed by Mr Rundgren is entirely appropriate; had you not considered the possibility of a Beck Strat? Like a Yorkie Bar, such a stellar plank is entirely butch and completely not for girls!

  2. Ah, Jeff Beck... now, where's my old copy of Blow by Blow?


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