Sunday, December 07, 2008

Of Pets and Men

It is Sunday morning. Muhammad is trying to rest in the sun. I am scanning my favourite blogs, and the news online.

"I must say, he bears a remarkable resemblance to Robert Redford." I said, pointing at the post on Charon QC.

"Remarkable." Replied Muhammad, rolling his eyes and yawning. "Excellent podcast though."

"Yes, this Scott Greenfield sounds a very interesting chap."

"Yes, a very interesting err... chap."

"Fascinating what he says about post-9/11 justice in New York."

"Fascinating and scary."

"Yes. He seems quite a funny chap too." I said. "He certainly has the measure of Geeklawyer."

"Well, so far as anyone can." Replied Muhammad, stretching his paws and returning to his slumber.

He was clearly more interested in his sleep than the news, so I said no more. Muhammad can be very grumpy when he doesn't get his sleep.

But then I found a story that I knew would interest him.

"Hey, look at this!" I exclaimed. "In the Guardian yesterday."

"What?" Asked Muhammad, irritably. He reluctantly stirred himself.

"An article about pets and divorce. Amazing."

"Why's that?" Asked Muhammad, dubiously.

""Eight years ago, Dr Stanley Perkins and his wife, Linda, a professional couple from San Diego, were reputed to have spent up to $150,000 in a two-year battle over who should get custody of Gigi, the pointer-greyhound cross-breed they had got from an animal shelter two years before."" I quoted.

"So? What's wrong with that?"

"Spending that much on who has a pet?" I replied. "Ridiculous."

Muhammad's tail began to wag in annoyance. "I don't see the problem," he said, "arrangements for pets after divorce are very important."

"But listen to this." I said: ""Reports by animal behaviourists, bonding studies and a Day in the Life of Gigi video were all presented to the judge, who ended up awarding custody to Linda, who had insisted during the hearing that she was Gigi's "mommy", and even produced a birthday card from Gigi saying as much." Crazy."

"I'm sorry," said Muhammad, "but I don't see anything crazy about that. Pets are people too." His tail wagged more vigorously.

I could see that it wouldn't be prudent to say any more on the subject, so I read on in silence.


  1. I hope Gigi's views and wishes were taken into account. We had a red setter that suffered 'separation anxiety disorder' and would sit down and refuse point blank to go with my ex husband without me. Damned inconvenient at times.

  2. 'Separation anxiety disorder' - excellent, I'll have to remember that for my next pet custody case!


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