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Old John's Almanac 2009

Not-So-Lean Times


School Days

Family Law Focus updated again

Top Ten Cases of 2008

Have a Terrible Christmas

Family Lore Focus Update

Happy Winter Solstice

Unhappy Xmas = Prosperous New Year!

Ladele: Council did not discriminate

Kids In The Middle

MacLeod v MacLeod: Post-nups valid

Ok Sorry

In the best possible taste

Discounting Pension CETVs when Offsetting

Keep up to date - and earn CPD

Not So Amicable

Oh Goody!

Family Law Focus updated

KSO v MJO & Ors: Litigation conducted at ruinous expense

One Law for All

Family Lore Focus Update

For Better or Worse

Of Pets and Men

Let's keep it civil...

Community Legal Advice News


Fallon v Fallon: A fundamental error

Family Lore Focus Updated

Prop 8 - The Musical

Killer App for iPhone

Lady Judge Seeks to Re-open Settlement

Family Lore Focus

November Post of the Month

I Do (for now at least)

Domestic Violence News

Leave Your Emotions at the Courtroom Door

Sorry, but I can't sign this...

The Week in View 22nd November 2008

Mr Justice Ryder's Vision

Madonna/Ecclestone: Good News and Bad

White v Withers LLP: No cause of action

3 Day Week

Hard Times

Tory Reform Plans

Potter under investigation again


An Unrealistic Goal

No Satisfaction

A Warning to Warring Parents

Lest We Forget

The Week in View 8th November 2008

KSJ v WRW: Give the child a break

Crippling Ignorance

The Audacity of Hope

Contact provisions implemented at last

The Week in View 1st November 2008


October Post of the Month

Pretty Bubbles

NG v KR (Pre-nuptial contract): Not enforceable, but does affect award