Best Divorce Lawyer’s Card

My thanks to James J Gross of the Maryland Divorce Legal Crier for this:


  1. Hi Mark. Yes, it is clever, but as I say when you mouse-over the image, there could be a problem with conflicts of interest!

  2. John:

    It is a conflict of interest here where I practice for one lawyer to represent both spouses in a divorce. But there have been plenty of cocktail parties where both the husband and the wife have asked for my card. Maybe I should sell my services to the highest bidder?

  3. Hi James,

    There's an idea! Now all I have to do is get invited to those cocktail parties...

  4. Marriage fraud is generally grounds for an annulment or a divorce. But in every case I have seen it is the defrauded person who is filing. If your client is now claiming that she was defrauded into marrying her just for the purpose of getting the green card she should have no trouble.
    Divorce Lawyers in York

  5. Does this comment have a purpose, other than to advertise your firm?

  6. James A.W.Mahon okay... is he the best divorce lawyer huh..never knew it..


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