Monday, January 19, 2009

Clay Chess!

Totally off topic, but I rather liked this - could almost be an epitaph to Tony Hart:


  1. Ah Me. If only the worlds woes could be solved by a game of chess - at least there would be rules to respect when playing to win!!
    Great piece of film, John and a fitting epitaph to Mr Hart. The world will NEVER be the same without Morph, or indeed, the picture gallery! Between this and the passing of Sir John M, I shall be weeiping into my knotted hankie for MONTHS to come!!

  2. Yes, two large figures have just passed.

    You're right - when I become world leader I shall pass a law that all disputes are to be resolved by a game of chess!

  3. Oh dear, I will have to brush up my game (haven't played for ages) ;-) ;-)

  4. I would brush up if I were you, Victor! ;-)


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