I've mentioned before Proposition 8, the enlightened California law that was supposed to ban same-sex marriage. Now, in an extraordinary development, it seems that there was a highly embarrassing typographical error in the Proposition, so that it actually defines marriage as between 'One Man And One Wolfman'. Accordingly, "every marriage in the state except those comprised of an adult male and his lycanthrope partner" has been instantly nullified. Of course, this may not be such bad news for some, although naturally Californian divorce lawyers are up in arms about the effect on their business.


  1. I suppose you'd call that a howler.

  2. Ouch - that's awful! (Now why didn't I think of that...)

  3. I'm assured that the Onion - the publication which reported this - writes spoofs and is not to be taken seriously. Shame.

    Apparently the story about gay penguins stealing eggs from straight penguins is true, however.

  4. Don't say that - everything on the Onion is true!


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