Thursday, January 22, 2009

Family Lore Search

Ruthlessly stealing an idea from Nearly Legal, I have put a new feature on Family Lore Focus. Family Lore Search is a web search engine dedicated to English (and Welsh) family law. Use it to search for law reports, statutes, or anything else English family law related on the web (and mostly free!). The search form can be found on the reference page on Family Lore Focus.


  1. It isn't theft - it's 'inspiration', like wot artists do.

    BTW the Cellmark ad on your page features a model who looks oddly like Heather Mills. Was this irony deliberate?

  2. Yes, 'inspiration', that's wot it is!

    Perhaps it is Heather Mills - I hear she's spent most of her settlement, so probably could do with the money...

  3. John, as T. S. Eliott said, bad artists imitate, good artists steal.

    Actually, by a strange co-incidence of timing, I was considering removing my 'lawsearch' page from the blog. The search tool has suffered a lack of updating (by me) and is too generalist to be of much use. As NL has built up an archive which is nearly the equal of any specialist provider for the last 18 months or so, I thought that having that as a searchable housng law archive was a contribution I could better make.

    So, I think a family law search is a great idea ;-)

  4. Yes, I like that quote - thanks.

    You're right, NL is an incredible resource for housing law.


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