Ultimate Court, Ultimate Lawyer

I'm never quite sure what Muhammad enjoys more on a Sunday morning - his breakfast (today it is Gourmet cat food, slow cooked with duck and garden vegetables), or catching up on the week's news.

"Oh dear," he giggled, "not only are Supreme Court judges unhappy with their real address, they're also unhappy with their virtual one. What a shame."

"Well", I said, "it could have been worse. The court could have been located in Back Passage, in the City of London!"

Muhammad laughed. "And I've just done a domain name search." He said. "It's true most 'supremecourt' names have been taken, but 123-reg suggests plenty of alternative domains - how about 'ultimatehighcourt.org', 'greatestcourtroom.com', or even 'myultimatecourt.biz'?"

"'Myultimatecourt.biz' - excellent." I replied seriously. "Perfect for these times - sends out the message that the Supreme Court is a court for everyone. I shall suggest it to Lord Hope immediately."

Muhammad rolled his green eyes with the disdain that only a cat can do, and turned back to the news. I began composing my email to Lord Hope, but it wasn't long before Muhammad came upon another story that deserved his comment.

"Well," he said, "times may be hard for some lawyers, but Helen Ward won't be going short this year."

"Why's that?" I asked.

"Haven't you heard?" Said Muhammad. "Bernie Ecclestone has ditched Withers and instructed Guy Ritchie's lawyer, Helen Ward at Manches."

"What, so you mean she'll be representing Ritchie and Ecclestone?"


"Blimey. I guess her fee income will be more than mine this year then." I said.

Muhammad nearly choked. Perhaps one of the garden vegetables had got stuck in his throat. "Yes," he coughed, "I suppose you could say that."


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