Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Canterbury Tale

Today I made my long journie
To the greate cathedral citie,
Through many roadwerks I fought
My waye to Caunterbury Combined Courte.
Before the Distreet Judge I wente

On an ancilery releef First Appointmente.

Thankefullie directiones were agreede
So there was no neede to pleede.

The hearing was shorte

Then I left the courte.
[With apologies to the late G. Chaucer.]


  1. Oh good - I was beginning to miss 'Geoffrey Chaucer hat a Blog'

  2. Sorry to disappoint, but don't expect any repetition of this post - my readers can only take so much bad poetry!

  3. I think you rhyming is a little better than Geoffry usually managed . .

  4. Really? In that case I may write some more...

  5. Yes, more please.

  6. You actually want some more? Are you feeling OK? ;-)


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