Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Family Justice Under Threat - PLEASE READ

ESSENTIAL READING: Family Justice Under Threat - Pink Tape explains why the proposals to cut back legal aid in family cases will not just hurt lawyers, but will ultimately hurt families up and down the country. As she says: "This is not just a ’save the barrister’ campaign - it runs deeper than that."


  1. I've just read Jackie's post ,John, and the word Outrageous doesnt even BEGIN to cut it.
    Justice in this country is going to Hell in a Handcart,so I'll be giving the consultation MORE than my tuppenceworth ( God knows, if you are a lawyer that ISN'T in any WAY a commcercial specialist, these days, Tuppence is just about all you seem to be worth in the eyes of our hapless Government)

  2. Excellent!

    (By the way, Lucy wrote the post, not Jacqui.)

  3. Being on the end of a legal aided funded angry ex partner, when i was not entitled to legal aid (childrens proceedings) did nothing more than enable solicitors to earn a lot of money, drag the process over years, and caused unwarrented harm to me & the children & i know since, that vengful partners have no qualms about ensuring they place themselves in such a situation, and indeed it appears they may now want to return to court (since loosing their job) as they will benefit from legal aid!!!!!!! am i impressesd with the use of legal aid in family courts, no, its harmful, abusive & misued by solicitors.

  4. That is your experience, and I don't doubt it - I'm sure legal aid is sometimes abused in this way, but that is certainly not the whole picture.

  5. John
    Anon's views/experience are unfortunately far from uncommon.

    In my experience (and many others) Family Law amounts to little more than an exploitative set up dressed up in the noble premise that the Legal Professional is working tirelessly defending vulnerable Woman and Children.

    The reality is somewhat different.

  6. Oh dear. It seems that the profession's PR is failing miserably.


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