Friday, February 20, 2009

Sin and Sex

I am grateful to the Catholic Church for informing the world that men and women sin in different ways. Apparently, men sin in the order: lust, gluttony, sloth, anger, pride, envy, greed and women sin in the order: pride, envy, anger, lust, gluttony, avarice, sloth. The church survey must be correct, as it is based upon a study of confessions carried out by a 95-year-old Jesuit scholar, who surely knows a bit about sinning.

We family lawyers also know a bit about sinning, and I can confirm that there is some truth in the findings. More wives commence divorce proceedings upon the basis of adultery than husbands (18,000 compared to 10,000 in 2005), which tends to support the theory that lust is the sin that husbands find most difficult to avoid. However, far more wives issue divorce proceedings on the basis of their husband's unreasonable behaviour than husbands do on the basis of their wives unreasonable behaviour (in 2005 some 51% of petitions issued by wives were on the basis of unreasonable behaviour, compared to 31% for husbands). Perhaps husbands have more of a problem with all the deadly sins than wives?

Of course, if a husband is Catholic, he can be absolved of the sin by confessing it, so that's all right then.


  1. What order do you reckon family lawyers sin in, John? Avarice, greed, envy, pride, is my guess. Plus just a little lust occasionally?

  2. We don't sin, it's our clients!

    Mind you, if we did then you've just about hit the nail on the head...


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