Thursday, March 19, 2009

“For a divorce case, that went smoothly.”

My thanks to Steven Ballard of the Massachusetts Divorce & Family Law Blog for drawing my attention to this great cartoon that appeared in the New Yorker in January. Should definitely strike a chord with all divorce lawyers. Unfortunately, like Steven, my funds don't stretch to buying a licence so that I can display the cartoon here.


  1. the cartoon wasn't too bad ... I know such casework can be tiresome and conflicting, but I didn't split my sides laughing.

    Perhaps I need to work in the profession a few more years ... yeah?

  2. LMAO, what an EXCELLENT Cartoon, and a reflection of the patience/patient IRONY Mastered by Family Lawyers Worldwide!

    Were I a Family Lawyer I would pinch it for my Desktop Background!!!

  3. Solici: Yes, you do.

    Minx: Yes, patience is certainly a requirement!

  4. Hiya John,

    Didja know that the cartoon was part of a caption competition, and though this particular version is not downloadable without paying a fee, the cartoon WITHOUT the caption is freely available through google images?
    Think of all the hours of INNOCENT fun to be had dreaming up family related captions to go with it!
    ( had a butchers at the captions that DIDN'T win, which included:
    'Sorry about that, New Gavel' ' This is what I get for convicting the Janitor' and the excrutiatingly CORNY ' This is the last time I preside over a kangaroo court'.......)

  5. Yes, I did know it was part of a competition. I think the best caption won!


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