Foreign Focus

Included in a small but perfectly formed news update to Family Lore Focus today is a link to a post by Michigan family lawyer Jeanne M Hannah. Why, you might think, do I provide links to foreign blogs? The answer, of course, is that we UK family lawyers have much to learn from the experiences of our foreign cousins. They have exactly the same problems to resolve as we have, and their experiences are often of direct interest to us where the differences in laws are of no relevance. Even where they are, it is enlightening to see how things are done in different jurisdictions.

Take Jeanne's post for instance. In it, she discusses how in Michigan spouse maintenance can be either 'modifiable' (i.e. variable, to use our term) or 'non-modifiable', and how to go about entering into a non-modifiable arrangement. As the post points out, non-modifiable spouse maintenance is usually requested by the payer, but it can be a double-edged sword, if their financial circumstances deteriorate. Interesting stuff.