Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's enough to give divorce a bad name...

"Neither party comes out of the case looking good, or, indeed, even mildly versed in decent behaviour."

It has been dubbed 'the divorce of the century', the latest high-profile divorce case to capture the American public imagination. In one corner we have 66-year-old George David, the Chairman of United Technologies Corporation, and in the other 36-year-old Swedish Countess Marie Douglas-David. And they both came out fighting...

His allegations included that she had had an affair and had forced him to have sex with her. Her allegations included that he had had an affair and that he was a control freak. Clearly going for the sympathy vote, she claims that she needs at least $53,000 a week to cover her living expenses. And so it goes on... For more gory detail, see this report in The Observer today.


  1. OOO, what FUN!!!! Ya gotta love a good, old fashioned, knock- down winner- and- still -standing completely SCANDALOUS divorce!! It's even better than Jeremy Kyle!!!!!

  2. Surely, nothing is better than Jeremy Kyle?


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