Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Resolution Chair

I have received the following News Release from Resolution:


Local solicitor Nicholas Longford becomes Chair of the leading family lawyers group, Resolution, at its annual conference in Bristol this week.

Mr Longford, a partner at Rustons and Lloyd in Newmarket, will head the national organisation, which represents over 5500 members, for a year.

“With the economic downturn now putting families under more and more strain and family law rarely out of the headlines, this is an important time to become Chair of Resolution” says Mr Longford.

”Resolution’s members are committed to a non-confrontational approach to divorce and separation as the vast majority of people don’t want a nasty and expensive fight with their former partner. We have long campaigned for the introduction of ‘no fault’ divorce, for legal rights for cohabiting couples, and for legal aid to be available to vulnerable families. As a self confessed family man, I am passionately committed to these causes and delighted to be chairing Resolution at a time when these issues are high on the political agenda.”

Brought up in Ely, Mr Longford has been a member of Rustons and Lloyd solicitors for over thirty years. He has considerable expertise in the fields of domestic abuse and the law relating to children and is an accredited specialist – Resolution’s highest accolade – in these areas. Having become involved in Resolution in the 1980s he rose through the organisation’s ranks of the Cambridge and West Suffolk group and then moved onto its National Committee in 2005.

Mr Longford is a well respected member of the local community, volunteering his time as trustee of the Newmarket Day Centre and secretary of Newmarket Trainers Federation and is a loyal follower of the fortunes of the local rugby club. “Becoming Chair is a great opportunity to sing the praises of both Resolution and my home town,” says Mr Longford.


  1. " Resolution’s members are committed to a non-confrontational approach to divorce."

    Agreed that is what their code of practice would suggest and a fine set of ideals they are.

    Have there been any press releases to your knowledge, where those commitments to non acrimonious divorce are formalized in an audited and enforced quality system?

    Perhaps Mr Longford could tell a skeptical member of the public how many solicitors have received sanction since the launch of the Solicitors Family Law Association.

    Perhaps he could also express the quality failures as % of the total divorces conducted under the auspices of The SFLA(Resolution)in the same period, and perhaps he could cite another industry in the world that has such a low quality failure rate.

    It beggars belief that the LEGAL PROFESSION have such a lack luster attitude to quality standards and enforcement.

    I grant you that Resolution did arrange a meeting to discuss my concerns involving one of their members, but the summary of that meeting totally focused upon a two minuet exchange in a 63.5 minuet meeting, but negligent they were and it needed to be said, but my primary objective was to get some sort of improvement to their quality systems.

    One of Resolutions members LIED about all his qualifications and misdirected a family court. I showed the member of "relate" a transcript of a judgment in which the judge specifically signposted the way to appeal of the financial settlement as it appeared to have been achieved under false premise by one of your members, and what action have you taken

    Its not credible but i will match on Google, its only a matter of time and skill, that was my family and my life wrecked by your cronie and negligent attitude. Negligent in the sense that when I first alerted The SFLA in june of 2003, you lazy quality systems management didn't even bother to look up his name on the database and see that he was falsely claiming to be an ACCREDITED SFLA MEDIATOR and it was only in November 2004 you discovered he was only a member. Had i had that information in June 2003 I would have discovered the other falsely claimed qualifications and could have got him removed from the case, if that isn't negligent I don't know what is.

    And he is still a member, having lied about his Accredited Mediator status, having lied about his status on the law society family panel, having Lied about his status as a member of the UK College of family mediators, having lied about his degree, having misdirected a court and a cafcass officer, he is member who has received no sanction what so ever from any professional body.

  2. Me either, that's too confusing.



    Ask yourself if were a legal firm and a shit head member of the public had been posting these facts and allegations in the public domain since 2007 what would you do?


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