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Now that the family courts are open to the media, I thought I would make a few things clear:

1. Judges and magistrates are wicked evil people who will do anything to thwart the wishes of parents.

2. Lawyers are biased in favour of mothers, a fact that they hide from their father clients.

3. CAFCASS officers are incompetent, and will conceal evidence from parties if it suits their ends.

4. Social workers are politically motivated people who will do everything in their power to ensure that children are taken away from their parents.

5. Expert witnesses neither know nor care what they are talking about.

There, the truth is out. Now can we please just carry on as normal?


  1. Sounds about right. Except number 1 where put fathers instead of parents.

  2. [sighs] So young, and yet so jaundiced. It makes cynics of us all in the end... ;-)

  3. Good grief John, I hadn't realised that this was the reason why court cases never produce winners, only losers - but now it all makes perfect sense. I'm thinking about becoming a journalist, what do you reckon?

  4. Yes, let's all become journalists! Can't be difficult...

  5. Crikey! It's worse than I thought.

  6. an amusing parody.

    However, is there not legitimate concern about some of the workings of the court in private ?

    Just taking the case of expert witnesses, no-one would make the case that David Southall had anything but the interests of the child in his view. But his advice was found to constitute serious professional misconduct, and the transcript of the GMC hearing makes clear that his conclusions from his research were arguable. Did Southall give advice in the family courts, and what was that advice ?

    for so long, we are actively denied even from being able to find out.


  7. 1Judges and magistrates play it safe and go along with social services in cases where a jury would clearly decide for the parents.
    2 Lawyers are biased in favour of social services as they do not wish to anger the judges or the local authority as this could stop them getting work in the future.
    3 Cafcass officers have already been pronounced as incompetent by ministers of the government. In practice they nearly always sing from the same hymn sheet as the social workers.
    4Social workers form a view about parents especially when understandably they are met with hostility.When they decide to take newborn babies from mothers on the grounds of mere risk of emotional abuse they never change their minds despite new evidence and their object from then on is not the welfare of the child but to be sure to win their case against the parents in court.
    5 Expert witnesses paid huge fees and selected regularly to assess parents tend to slant their testimony in favour of the local authority so that they will continue to get work in future cases.
    Yes,this is the real truth and as long as parents are ruthlessly gagged from publicly revealing names and details of their court proceedingst then injustices will prevail unchallenged


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