March Post of the Month

Well, there can only be one winner of my coveted prize this month. Geeklawyer's selfless efforts to show the profession in a good light are, of course, legendary, and this month he surpassed even himself. Blawg Review #203 was a stunning tour de force, providing us with a true orgy of blawging delight. I understand that it was not favourably received in some quarters, but I do not share the views of the prudish detractors (although what it has done for Anglo-American relations remains to be seen).

The prize of a virtual Moniak Mead x 12 is, as we speak, heading for Geeklawyer's not-so-humble abode - just don't put it on one of your home-made shelves, GL!

WARNING: Blawg Review #203 is probably not office safe. Well, not unless you work in that kind of office.