Podcast Interview #7: Nick Langford, ex-Fathers-4-Justice

Today I am speaking to Nick Langford, former Political & Research Co-Ordinator for the fathers’ rights group, Fathers 4 Justice, until it disbanded recently, and not to be confused with Nicholas Longford, new chair of Resolution. We speak about what Fathers 4 Justice stood for, the group's (and his) views on the family justice system, opening up the system, divorce reform and reconstructing iron age roundhouses (see picture!), among other things. My thanks to Nick for taking part. The podcast is here.


  1. Interesting, thanks, listened to this. I am not sure on the making divorce harder for parents idea. Still I am struggling, like the family courts, for a viable alternative. I suggest enforced contact perhaps, but I do agree it is time for an adult debate on the subject and that the current system needs reform and has lost public confidence.

    Yes, I also agree the courts need to be opened up and mediation should be attempted seriously before court. I also agree that lobbying the Tories is the way to go for these people. As a non Tory, the F4J brigade and Tories seem similar kind of people and probably in the majority on this subject.

    I think lobbying on the LAT subject (of which I am one) who are avoiding 'the system' which penalises people for living together is rightly a priority for them, it is the most important short term issue.

    Medium term (2 - 3 years) I think fault based divorce is gone, the horse has bolted and closing the stable gate now is all Nick's idea amounts to. I think pre nups and post nups and courts enforcing contact where both parties want it with children is the way to go. The 2012 report into pre-nups should sort this.

    The family courts seriously need to enforce contact and PSOs to stop children losing parents upon separation is the issue that really needs addressing imho.

  2. David: Unfortunately not - there is no transcript.


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