Small Announcement

I determined to take a break from serious blogging and news updating over the Easter weekend, but I am making a small exception today to announce a couple of changes to Family Lore Focus:
  • Due to time constraints, I will no longer be doing my weekly podcast summary of the week's family law news, The Week in Focus. I will, however, continue to do podcast interviews, and I may also do one-off podcasts dealing with issues of special interest. Of course, if you want to keep up with family law news on a weekly basis, you may subscribe to the Family Lore Focus Newsletter.
  • On the subject of the Newsletter, that will now be going out on Mondays or, if the Monday is a Bank holiday, on the Tuesday. Hopefully, it will not now get lost in the avalanche of spam emails that so many of us have the pleasure of receiving over the weekend!
Right, having dealt with that, I'm off to relax for the remainder of the holiday. Think I may watch my favourite Easter film...