Tasty and Tasteful

May I recommend to all my clients the wonderful range of divorce cakes available at Elite Cake Creations. I particularly liked the above example: both tasty and tasteful. Unfortunately, Elite Cake Creations are based in Pembroke Pines, Florida, so whether they deliver over here...


  1. EXCELLENT!! I see they have a cemetary cake for the ring coffin!!! Coupled to the wearing of the ' recently divorced' ring you mentioned on your esteemed blog some time ago Getting Divorced in Florida is the New wedding!!!Could you honestly get any TRENDIER, John, you Legal FASHIONISTA, you?!?!

  2. Yes, where I lead the way, others follow. If they're mad enough...

  3. I wonder what the cake ACTUALLY tastes like- if there is any beyond all the intricate decoration, of course; the substance of it may actually be in court,either bieng hurled by the divorcing parties at one another, or bieng sliced up by a Judge.
    I do hope it comes in chocolate and fresh cream - it makes a better, and incredibly tasty mess!!

  4. Hmm, chocolate and fresh cream. Sounds good to me.

  5. Divorce Cakes?! What a concept. Never woulda thought of that one myself. Can I do a post on that on my blog, John? Would you mind? Oh, and thanks for your comment on our blog Divorce Saloon yesterday. We feel that reasonable people can disagree on this issue. In a rush now but plan to stop by again and read some of your stuff. Looks like a good buffet.

    Divorce Saloon

  6. Of course you can do a post on it - for a fee! ;-)

  7. Bit of a rush except to say I didn't like the design on the pic. Should be the groom dragging the bride.

    It is Politically Correct, but Men are Stronger and in reality she couldn't manage it. Then again is this whole subject real or just an illusion, oh oh oh oo ah! (Can't remember who sung that, perhaps Catchagoogoo).


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