Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Weed Killing

Running this blog I have come across many excellent and interesting people. However, the internet mirrors life and one therefore also occasionally comes across groups of people who are a complete pain in the posterior. One such group is comment spammers. A particularly insidious type of weed, the comment spammer isn't put off by word verification and obviously thinks that the privilege of being able to comment upon someone else's work is an open invitation to freely advertise his or his client's wares. It is not.

I'm afraid that I have not always been particularly meticulous in my application of herbicide, and this may have encouraged the spammer. Accordingly, I will hereafter delete any comment that looks to me as if it may be spam. If you left the comment and it was not spam, let me know and I will reinstate it. I may also 'name and shame' regular perpetrators. I do not want to turn on comment moderation (I think commenters like to see their comments appear instantly), but I will do so if I have to.

OK, rant over.


  1. What SWINE!! I totally Sympathise!!
    This is why I have comment moderation, Im afraid; constant deletion of rubbish comments not only makes the blog look untidy it also serves to open the door to the sort of hijackers who STOLE my blog and even NOW wont give back the addy. Why cant these WRETCHED people grow a BRAIN, for heaven's sake?!

  2. Which is why I have comment moderation and probably no comments. Hard choice to make. Let me know how it works out for you. Seems to me that comments make a blog.

  3. That's really sad. I'm sorry users are abusing your blog in this way.

    I'm also sorry that the word 'Spam-alot' came to mind whilst reading your post :(

    Oh no.

  4. Spam, spam, spam, etc, Monty Python spam, spam, spam...

  5. Sam: I agree that the facility to comment is an important element of blogging, and I've often wondered whether blogs that do not allow comments are actually 'blogs' at all. Notwithstanding what I have said in this post, I would suggest that you give it a go without moderation.

  6. I've been having trouble with comment spam recently too, John - I think it's something Google needs to seriously address in Blogger. It's infuriating when there are so many high-quality contributions out there from people who'd understandably like to see their comments up straight away, and whose comments I like you very much want to see on my blog - I know, as a frequent commenter myself, how much better it is to be able to conduct almost real-time debates with people via comments than it is to have to wait for moderation.

    Boo to spammers! BOOOOOOOOOOO! They're rubbish.


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