Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Alternative Dispute Resolution

They do things differently in Florida.

John Palmore and his wife Khadeja are separated and going through a divorce. Khadeja reportedly goes to John's house to remove some items. John finds her there, an argument ensues and Khadeja allegedly punches him on the nose. John allegedly then shoots her with his taser gun, to prevent her from getting a kitchen knife. Khadeja says that she threw a flashlight at him to stop him from approaching her with the taser. The Sheriff's Office, it seems, accept John's story and charge Khadeja with battery. John is not arrested.

Somehow, I can't see this scenario happening over here, but who knows?

My thanks to the Florida Divorce Law Blog for the heads-up on this story.


  1. Shouldn't that be charged Khadeja with torch and battery?

  2. Erm, difficult when there is no evidence.

    I suppose custom has it that the person with the most injuries - the other person gets charged. In this instance a red nose maybe.

    So, like in American Beauty and Fight Club films, perhaps is not a stupid idea to go to ex's house and start hitting yourself in the face to get 'better' child contact or non mol or money. Perhaps stab yourself in the shoulder.

    Personally I have a high pain threshold, but I would find it difficult. My ex does keep assaulting me though and the Police are powerless with no evidence or witnesses and I end up spending longtimes in police cell. Last time I was arrested I didn't even get chance to say anything to the Police, they just arrese the bloke coz she had a scratch and I am male.

    When I complain the Police say the alternative is spending hours at the crime scene and they can't be bothered (a re-occurring theme in public office in this country I find, like Judges non interest in contact with nrps). How's that for a rant.

  3. Err... yes, that was an impressive rant. I trust you are feeling calmer this morning! ;-)

  4. A little. I still prefer the American Police, they seem fairer and less sexist. The British just arrest the guy on the girl's say so.

    I have written for an explanation to the chief constable and the policy is called 'Positive Intervention'.

    I am not sure if it is legal though as I keep losing my evenings due to ex getting me arrested and no charges being brought and her receiving no saction. So I have written to the IPCC. I doubt will get anywhere as the Police work according to the government and they are femist driven.

    I don't like the BNP but they get the same. Harrassed by Police due to politics with no comeback. NRPs get the same with Police and malicious ex's. I can see why some guys get dressed up and protest. The government and police have lost moral authority, bring in PR. Proportional Representation and locally elected mayors to whom the police are accountable to. Think we will get there, in the meantime I end up spending hours and taxpayers money in police cells and legal aid before getting nfa (no further action) I am not sure on this DV positive intervention policy.

    I have not even ever met anyone who knows or has been victim of DV, domestic violence. Perhaps it is a feminist myth. Shame how they have so much political lobbying power and the ukmm have none. I think Nick L is working on that though and good luck and all the best to him. Bring in pre nups and abolish to put cm back to county court also.

  5. I wonder whether it was becasue she broke into his home that she was charged and he wasn't? Is Florida one of the states where you can do pretty much what you like to an intruder in your home?

  6. Oh yes, I'm sure the fact that she was in his home had a lot to do with the way the matter was handled.


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