April Post of the Month

Occasionally, a blog post can cause audible amusement, and this month one post stood out for making me laugh out loud. The author is already the recipient of three Post of the Month trophies, but this does not make me hesitate in awarding the prestigious trophy for a fourth time to Charon QC, for his ingenious invention of 'Smokedo - the way of the smoker'. If you thought smoking was bad for your health, then think again. All is explained in 'Postcard from The House of Lords', my April Post of the Month.

On previous occasions I have awarded Charon QC a prize of the virtual red stuff. However, as he will clearly not be short of a drop or two in the immediate future I think his greatest need will lay in a different direction. Accordingly, the prize will be a year's supply of virtual Nurofen, for those mornings when he has indulged in wine tasting a little too seriously the night before - all in the cause of serious reporting, of course.