Sunday, May 31, 2009

Attention grabbing

I'll make no comment about this great picture that appeared on the Maryland Trial Lawyer blog, other than to say that I love it. The blog's author, lawyer Constance Camus, asks the question: Is a Divorce Billboard Notice Dissipation of Marital Assets? I'll leave it to the attorneys involved in the case to argue that one...

Thanks to Divorce Saloon for pointing out that the wife in this case briefly ran a blog. Interesting reading...


  1. ... EXCELLENT idea, but isnt the language a bit, well, MILD?? In fact, isnt it all a bit horribly PC ( " poorly endowed"???! how TAME!!) I am SURE your bog standard and seriously aggrieved UK HouseSpouse could not only match this for pound for pound INSULT but BETTER it!!

  2. It was a great story, but I'm sorry to say it was really a hoax, just viral marketing by Court TV some three years ago. See the New York Times article of July 2006 by Julie Bosman:

  3. Damn - you've spoiled my fun! ;-)

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