Friday, May 22, 2009

The cauldron boileth over

We all know that the emotional cauldron of divorce can boil over at times. Over the years I've heard of many threats that one party has made to the other, including threats to kidnap children, threats to give up work to thwart maintenance claims and even threats to kill.

Thankfully, however, these threats are rarely carried out.

One particular threat that crops up from time to time is the threat to burn down the matrimonial home so that "he/she won't get any of it". I've never known it to be carried out, but for Deborah Jackson the news that her husband was having an affair was enough to raise her emotional temperature well beyond 100 degrees. She burned their £210,000 matrimonial home to the ground, leaving her and her husband with nothing. "I didn't want him to get a penny" she is reported to have said. Well, it seems she succeeded. She also succeeded in getting herself a one year suspended prison sentence and an 18-month supervision order.


  1. Something like this happened not all that far from us a number of years ago. The husband (a sweep) didn't make any threats, he just raised the house to the ground so his wife couldn't get her share. However, the wife was awarded the land which was worth more than the house and the husband got nothing.

  2. Mike: Yes, she was silly, and lucky to get off so lightly.

    Fiona: An apt result, although obviously only possible if there isn't a large mortgage.


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